windowsMAC Vs PC, the battle is on among the computer geeks. Both MAC and PC have users and it make it tougher. The Mackintosh, popularly called Mac was designed by Apple Inc. and first introduced into the marketplace in the calendar year 1984. Since its launch success has been gained by it. MAC was the personnel computer featuring a graphical user interface and a mouse.

On the flip side, the Windows PC feature a gorgeous GUI and comes with Microsoft Windows operating system. It is affordable for all consumer groups. Method for Mac is Mac OS X Leopard while PCs Microsoft Windows 7 is the OS.

Price Range

Before digging deep into dialogue let’s take a look at the difference between MAC and PC. MAC is known for its elegance and it is ideal for experts that were authentic. Its price range makes it easier to purchase for many sections of people. The cost of MAC is rather cost. An avid Apple will be ready to spend considerable amount of money.

Operating System

Mac OS X, the operating system of the Apple is professional and efficient. This is user friendly and assists the users to compute more efficiently. For PC, the latest operating system is windows. This is also a wonderful operating system and may be compared with Mac Os X series.

Range of Applications

Wide selection of options is available in terms of applications and software . They are reasonably priced and available. But programs for MAC are costly. On the other hand, if it that the question of quality, then Apple scores well. Programs like iLife suite are much superior than Windows apps of this sort.

The consumers will have broad selection of choices, while picking Windows PCs. There are TV tuners players to get movies, and attributes like touchscreens and many more. Using Windows PC, you can view TV and movies and record satellite TV. The consumer can go for a PC of configuration and any color.

However, MAC does not have these much of varieties. The user doesn’t have liberty to choose TV tuners, Blu-ray, touchscreens, and exciting options they can get in PCs. From the conversation it is apparent that PC is the winner in most of the facets.