In 2012 Microsoft released Windows-8. In certain aspects, the concept behind the brand new system was to link the space between the new touchscreen products for example pills and cell phones along with Windows on Computer’s / notebooks.

Unfortunately, Windows-8 wasn’t the achievement Microsoft had wished for, with several customers complaining about the large travel from common designs. This led to disappointment and distress by what could basically be called an unfinished platform.

Almost all Computer’s and notebooks are actually offered with both Windows 8.1 OS or Windows-8. Thus, when purchasing new equipment later on, there’s no escape and you’ll have to take the most recent system over your selected option.

Moving forward annually, Microsoft has released version Windows 8.1. Is that this the best time in order for them using the most of current Microsoft customers choosing to refuse the first Windows-8 update? Furthermore, think about current Windows-8 people? Whenever they improve too?


Should a Windows-8 consumer update to Windows 8.1?

Most of the touchscreen products it had been created for were not available when Windows-8 released in 2012. The ones that were available were deemed too costly from the cost of your competition.

For Windows-8 people your decision to improve to Windows 8.1 ought to be relatively simple presented the numerous benefits given below. This update is FREE which it is offered at Windows Shop and will be welcome information.

Moving forward annually and there’s currently more choice for pills touchscreen laptops and allinone products at significantly better pricing. Windows 8’s comparative inability intended that builders were reluctant to produce applications for the unit though a sense is currently applications are now being released in a faster pace and Microsoft are becoming it right. Nevertheless, your competition with Apple and Android is really firmly established there’s a sense of not enough late. But, the main one benefit for Microsoft may be the integration using a Windows system, that the opposition is not able to offer. Therefore, for customers buying system that provides more, mixing amusement and business capacity, this may be the simple competitive advantage of Microsoft.

What’re the benefits of Microsoft Windows 8.1?

1. Customisable

Windows 8.1 presents Snap performance towards the Start Display, that allows one to re size various programs displays independently of just one another, enabling the consumer to operate multiple applications on a single screen. Live tiles may also be re sized Little, with 3 different styles, Normal and Big. The desktop background may also be matched for the start screen to get a good look.

In Windows-8, customers were limited to two applications start simultaneously onscreen. It has doubled to four and each could be measured individually based on which application you’re focusing on at that time.

2. Automatic Application Updates

All programs installed in the Windows Shop will update within the history when you are utilizing your Computer instead of request you to update every application separately. This can be a good time-saver and an administrator function you not have to be worried about.

3. It uses less space

Windows 8.1 has offers functions & some new performance, however Microsoft claims that is it employs between 8-15% less room in your drive.

4. Smart Search

It is extremely flexible searching all facets of the unit including applications to create more complete benefits. While looking on the subject like a particular popular person, Windows 8.1 may create what Microsoft have called a “Research Hero” which shows related information, for example Day of Delivery, Death, pictures, discography etc.

This new research service alone may be worth upgrading for.

5. Live Lock Screen

Windows 8.1 provides the choice before you login to permit diary appointments, email notifications etc all in the lock-screen. You may also set the lock-screen to show a slideshow of your photos

6. Higher External Display Support

Windows 8.1 Enables better choices, particularly when managing a pill on external displays, it helps DPI running, which important enables you to set high res displays on various scaling text and image controls per check, particularly helpful.

7. Desktop

Windows 8.1 allows the consumer as well right to the pc, rather than the Start screen. Among the biggest complaints about Windows-8 was removing the Start button. Even though start menu in windows 8.1 isn’t like previous versions it’s really a welcome come back to a common friend, it’s really a reduce version of the previous startmenu.

To sum up you will find new functions in only about every part of the system which are better than Windows-8. Windows also have included an internet guide which may have avoided a few of the stress and was unfortunately lacking before. Although we’dnot say Windows 8.1 has become the finished product, it is obviously shoulders and head than its predecessor.

And undoubtedly there is a checkbox that enables you to get right to the desktop and avoid the Start screen.

With any new program, there are usually disadvantages that the producer does not desire to let you know…

1. No Choice To Uninstall

There’s no method to uninstall windows 8.1 or return to some system restore point before the update. Which means that when you push the switch, there’s virtually no turning back. You’ve to work well with everything you’ve got not or whether you enjoy it. General, this willnot be a problem for Windows-8 people and it is never as appropriate if you’re considering upgrading from Windows-7 or earlier because when you have Windows-7 you’ll have recovery partition or press, therefore will have the ability to return back quiet easily.

2. Software Reinstallation

Frequently Windows 8.1 requires people to re install software that worked fine, prior to the update. Just like any update, it’s recommended to make sure that you make sure you have consumer id installation media, license keys and accounts for several of one’s other software and you’ve finished a complete program back-up.

Like a provision, it’s worth checking whether your additional application is updated to become suitable for Windows 8.1. Some application cease to work and so might not be suitable. It’s therefore important you verify this out before running on an update of the size.

3.Drivers Issues

Many customers also have noted they have to re install drivers for all devices, therefore peripherals; outside screens etc, additional devices might go wrong entirely following this update. Which means this is not anything new for almost any update, there’ll continually be a couple of possible difficulties with individuals.

4. Start Menu

Windows 8.1 maintains the Start-Menu, this really is not the Start menu that customers are becoming familiar with so or during the last 13 years. The menu has limited performance, using its main purpose being to consider back the consumer towards the start screen.

5. Mouse Issue

Some computer mice begin to work periodically under windows 8.1, specifically for Players, though Microsoft are focusing on a fix, or go wrong properly. 8.1 or Windows-8 isn’t the very best for dealing with mouse and a keyboard – it’s ideally suited to the touch screen devices.

6. No Direct Download

Unlike other prior service packages on Windows-7 and XP, you CAn’t manually download and install the service group, the installation should be completed in the Microsoft Apps Store.


If you are thinking about upgrading the body you need to ultimately speak to your IT support organization and permit checks to operate in your methods first and explain the potential problems you might have. Some may be recognized, but often there is employed using the age-old chestnut of current compatibility for business reasons and the opportunity of the cat within the wardrobe because of the huge selection of application that’s accessible.

Furthermore, before any update, a complete program back up is recommended to safeguard you from the potential failure.

Your final words…

If you should be a Windows-7 person consider preserving it till it is essential to purchase a brand new Computer; these contact-enhanced 8.1 components and Windows-8 wont do much for you and Windows-7 still is effective with many applications.

If you should be a current Windows-8 person, the update is free and mostly smooth, and provides features and some helpful new changes. You must improve the moment possible but follow our guidance to ensure that we are able to do our better to protect you.