By shifting to a resolution, you may expand the text onto your display…but I do not suggest it. You will shed every one the benefits of high heeled (and probably get a soft-focus visual impact), and you will not have the ability to place as many windows in your display.

You would be much better off changing the preferences in Windows that control how big your text along with items, like the taskbar and icons. Here are directions for Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Windows 7 & 8

Open the Display tool of Control Panel. Here you will find three dimensions choices: bigger (the default option you most likely already have), Moderate (which raises the size by 25 percent) and Bigger (raises it from 50%).

Want more choices? In Windows 7, then click Establish custom text dimensions (DPI) from the Screen program’s left sidebar.

In Windows 8, then click on Custom sizing alternatives under the bigger option.

In any event, you are going to reach the Custom DPI Setting dialog box. By dragging the ruler picture here it is possible to pick a different dimension. (Incidentally, DPI stands for “dots per inch”).

When you close the dialogue box the dimensions of your text will not alter. However, you’ll have a new choice from the Display application.

Windows 10

Click on the Start button and Choose Settings > Program. You will not need to visit the Screen tab; it is the default option. You will see a slider for altering the dimensions of your text along with “other products”.

This slider bar appears like a large improvement over the 3 choices that are restricted to the version that is prior. But try this, and you find that are the 3 choices: 100, 125, and 150 percent.

If you’d like another size, then click on advanced screen settings close to the base of the window, scroll right the Advanced Screen Settings window and choose advanced sizing of text as well as other items.

This provides one to the Display instrument of Control Panel. You are able to click on establish a customized scaling layer to acquire the Custom DPI Setting dialog box mentioned above–even though Windows 10 urges from it (I did not experience any issues).

For extra fine-grained, use the “Change just the text size” tool. It permits you to change font sizes like Tooltips or the Title pubs.