Choice is among the biggest factors in the achievement of any design. Using CSS we now have the capacity to alter fonts. We’re still restricted to a few of fonts that are browser. The sIFR typography module employs javascript and flash actionscripts to substitute fonts with typography. It is a remarkably powerful tool. The module is accessible and completely free .

How Does this Function?

SIFR downloads flash .swf files comprising. This means you’re able to effectively patch your consumer’s browser using a font which does not exist inside the font library of their computer. SIFR can manage content because the .swf is a library, instead of a static flash picture.


SIFR degrades CSS fonts for all those users that have their Javascript of flash. Matt May in the W3C has endorsed it to make typography. 90 percent of machines are thought to be compatible. On machines that are non-compatible that the module does not take effect.’


There to be a few rate problems that were minor. It advisable to use the module little headlines rather than paragraphs. Loading rates are exceptional therefore are invisible to the consumer, and though if utilized correctly.

It is important though to keep in mind that percentage of individuals who can not conduct the module, and ensure the default CSS styles are up to the high standards of today. It needed with font constraints as designer grapple. From the browsers might need to locate a means to encourage typography ranges.